Eubiq : An Innovation !

Difficult to know in advance where and how many outlets will be needed in a room? The problem does not arise with Eubiq since it is possible to add, remove, move the electrical outlet by a simple rotation.

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A Unique Concept !

Eubiq is the first system of modular electrical outlets in the world. Thanks to the GSS System, it allows you to add, remove and reposition power outlets anytime anywhere along the power track by just a simple twist.

Our extensive range of architecturally versatile power tracks are designed for use in a wide range of applications - residential use include kitchens, living rooms, study rooms, floor skirting and many more: commercial use include system furniture, server rooms, display counters, test labs and many more.

Free yourself from the constraints of conventional system with Eubiq, your electrical outlets can be locate anywhere that you want to be!

Schmidt Kitchen :

The network of the kitchen Schmidt sell Eubiq products in catalog "Essentials"

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